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This is where I write about life, work, art, programming, and other interests.

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I am a scientist, engineer, designer, developer, and life-long learner.

M.S., Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials, UC Berkeley, 2020

Right now I am working as a research assistant at Zhejiang University-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute, focusing on

  • With Prof. Hongwei Wang
    Knowledge Graph and Flexible Manufacturing System

  • With Prof. Yan Xiao
    Parametric modeling, structural designing, optimization and manufacturing of grid-shell geodesic dome on a new material: glubam.
    A digitally manufactured scaled model and a paper is expected in 2 months. This is a continuing project of Project: Large Waste Transfer Station, but much more complex and interesting

I am looking for a job on computer science or anything, interesting and challenging enough to devote to.


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